Remington 870 Rivet Staking Tool Set Rivet Stake Tool Set image

Remington 870 Rivet Staking Tool Set Rivet Stake Tool Set

Two specially ground punches make fitting the 870 ejector spring and housing onto Remingtons' unique 2-step rivet a snap! The hole in the face of the #1 tool allows you to fasten the ejector housing to the receiver with the lower portion of the rivet. The #2 tool is then used to secure the ejector spring within the ejector housing with the upper portion of the rivet. Deluxe Kit combines the above two punches with an ejector spring rivet cutter that lets you take off just the peened area of the front rivet. Often lets you re-peen the existing rivet. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Punches - Hardened steel blue finish. 2 punches each 3-½'''' (8.8cm) long. Rivet Cutter - Steel shaft and hardened steel cutter. 2-½'''' (6.3cm) long .31'''' (7.8mm) shaft diameter .143'''' (3.6mm) cutter diameter. .. [read more]

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